Snapchat is or isn’t the latest tool to incorporate in journalism.

Read and discuss.

The secret psychology of Snapchat
The creative and off-beat ways journalists are using Snapchat
Snapchat opening the door to a new way of journalism
Here’s how 6 news orgs are thinking about Snapchat
Here’s how to use Snapchat (and how not to use Snapchat) — from the Poynter Institute
NowThis tries Snapchatting news
Takeaways for journalists and news organizations

Reading makes you a better leader

Read all about it here.

How to be a better listener

… from an article posted on LinkedIn.

Are you developing the skills employers want?

How can Journalism and AP English help you? See the article at

If it’s April, it must be National Poetry Month!

A few online resources to celebrate National Poetry Month:

POETRY mobile app
The Writer’s Almanac
Play Magnetic Poetry onlinePoetry Out Loud
The original: Poetry 180

Can you add any others?

On Toni Morrison

Excellent article in the New York Times Magazine on Toni Morrison, the only living American Nobel-prize winning author.

Not getting it? Well, not YET!


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